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Our goal is to exceed all expectations for you and your guests by making it easy to plan and execute your event. Our Merrifield, Rosslyn, and Reston locations have built trust organically by providing quality you can count on. We look forward to hosting your next event and making sure you and your guests come away smiling and eager to return!


Open Road Merrifield is conveniently located on Lee Highway just East of Gallows Road next to Merrifield Garden Center. We have our own dedicated parking lot, as well as parking just offsite to accommodate our guests.

The outdoor patio is available for buyouts, as well as individual areas to rent. Regardless of your party size, we can offer spaces with room for 15-150 guests. Most of our outdoor patio areas are configured with limited seating, and lots of areas for guests to be up and mingling. Our patio is a permanent structure on the side of our building; it has five TV’s playing sports, live music during the spring/summer/fall, and open air. Our patio can also be enclosed if we have inclement weather, and does have heaters and fans.

Off of our main dining room, is our indoor bar. We can accommodate a group of12 seated or a larger group of up to 25 total guests. The space would be a mix of standing and seated.


Sitting right on the Rosslyn Plaza just off the metro, Open Road is a great central location to host happy hours or smaller lunch. This American restaurant is light and bright with comfy furnishing and delicious food offerings in all ranges. Open Road is equipped to handle small lunch and dinner parties as well as larger happy hours and gatherings day or night. We offer Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner menu options to service any need you may have!

Open Road Rosslyn offers several options at our indoor bar, from parties of up to 14 at our hightop bar banquettes to 1/2 bar buyouts for 25-30 guests.​

Open Road Rosslyn has a large covered patio that offers space for up to 60 guests with enough room to move around. There’s no better place to host a spring or fall happy hour for a large group!​

Our main dining room can accommodate anything from smaller groups of 12 and up to 34 guests seated for dinner or lunch. Perfect for a corporate group seated at cozy tables surrounded by a fun and lively environment. ​


Open Road Reston is located in the Reston Town Center. We have convenient parking available in the Silver Garage, directly above.

The Rickhouse is a fully private space with 4 large family style high top tables. It can comfortably accommodate 25-30 standing or 24 seated. It’s equipped with TVs, a dartboard and the ability to close the doors for meetings or speeches.

Alternately, the Porch is a cozy indoor space separate from the main dining room and slightly elevated so the stage is still visible. It’s semi-private. There is standing room for up to 45 guests or a space for a seated event for up to 25 guests. The Porch can also be combined with Main Dining for much larger events. Pick the space that works best for your function!

The Food & Beverage

  • At its heart, Open Road is American institution. Our menu is indicative of our commitment to the classics as well as new fare that speaks to our locations specific flavors and desires.
  • We offer a large party menu that feeds four to five guests per platter. We offer the best and easiest options to eat with a beer or cocktail in your hand; wings, nachos, etc. Also available are a variety of draft & bottled beer, as well as hand made cocktails to choose from and pre-select for your party to keep the good times rolling from the moment you walk in the door.
  • Every dish, every cocktail and every guest that comes to Open Road deserve nothing but the best in quality and we are always focused on delivering that experience to our guests.



Click the “Inquire Now” button for the location you’re interested in. Fill in your event details and we will get back to you to help you plan your event!

Given the fluid nature of the restaurant business we try to keep accurate and flexible minimums. Our minimums will reflect anticipated business on the day or night of your event and the space that you are choosing to utilize. Therefore, if you’re looking for main dining area on a Saturday during peak hours your minimum would be very high. On the other hand if your party is able to book off peak hours or dates we can be far more flexible with our minimum spend requirements. We always try our best to work with each and every guest and party that walks in the door. We will work to find a solution to any budget and any timeslot we have available to guarantee the best experiences for all.

We do not usually have any room fees, rather we have a minimum spend policy. With this arrangement you’re only paying for items you receive as long as you reach the minimum quoted for your party. The only time a room fee would be applied is in the event your party fell short of the minimum spend and chose not to order anything more.

Yes! Although we try to set the expectation that even those options are gluten sensitive given the seriousness of Celiac and the fact that we are not a fully gluten free kitchen. Please let us know any dietary restrictions prior to menu selection and we will do our best to accommodate.

Absolutely! Open Road at Rosslyn has a large elevator towards the back of the restaurant that is available for all guests. Merrifield is a single level restaurant with wheelchair access to all spaces.

We do not structure open bars in an all you can drink format (Per person/hour), rather we charge based on consumption and will give alerts to the host upon request if they are nearing their budget. To the guests it appears as open bar but for accounting for the host and restaurant it works better.

Depending on the nature of the event guests often inquire about decorations. We are open to outside decorations within reason and just ask that it not interfere with other guests that may be dining in our establishment. We typically try to avoid flashing lights, noise makers or massive balloon arrangements. But, never hesitate to ask and as always we will try to make it work!

All quoted minimums do NOT include tax and gratuity.

Of course you can! We are more than happy to store it in our fridge while you dine and cut it for you once it’s ready.

Yes, we can absolutely accommodate your tax exemption! As long as you provide your valid tax exemption form/card, you will not be charged tax.

A guaranteed guest count is due by noon two business days prior to the event date. If the guaranteed guest count is not met, the party will still be charged the minimum spend based on the guaranteed guest count. Please keep in contact with the point of contact at Open Road if things change.

We are more than happy to try our best to accommodate your group in the restaurant, but we cannot guarantee the same space for your group beyond the event’s time slot. The space is subject to the needs of the restaurant after this time.

Absolutely, your guests may open individual tabs. All food and drink ordered does go toward the agreed food and beverage minimum. Please allow extra time at the beginning and end of your experience to allow your team member to correctly start and close our your check.